The Story Behind aTrolla



"My inspiration is found daily as I chat with people, from young to old, about aTrolla.  In my mind, I can picture people sitting in chairs, on blankets on the lawn--drinking, eating, and dancing with friends and family, singing along to their favorite songs.  I feel that we're bringing something to my age group that we have never really had, but have always wanted."
--Jaylene Moss, aTrolla founder

In March 2015, my youngest daughter was pondering her upcoming 16th birthday; after a few days, she said that she would like to attend two music festivals.  I bought tickets and planned to attend the two events (my first-ever music festivals) that year.  

First up, Bunbury in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Four of us drove from Charlotte, NC to Cincinnati and checked into a nearby hotel, walked to the festival, and enjoyed the scenic park on the waterway.  Of the 40 bands on the bill, I only knew a few.  As I watched the crowd, I noticed a good number of people my age at the festival.  They didn't seem to know many more bands than I did, but it seemed that they just enjoyed attending the festival.

At the festival, I began to think how nice it would be to attend a music festival but with 20-25 bands, all whom I knew from my era (the 60s, 70s, and 80s). We could see the bands who made the music that was played on radio of that time:  rock, Motown, pop, and adult contemporary.  I've always loved music and have attended concerts (of every genre) my whole adult life. Growing up in South Florida, we had concerts when I was in high school, but there weren't any multi-day music festivals. 

When we got home Monday evening, I asked my daughter for the details of the next music festival (assuming that it would be very similar).  She happily provided me with the list of 500 items that I needed to purchase by Wednesday to attend the next music festival, Bonnaroo in Tennessee.  No hotels this time--we were sleeping in a tent for 5 days with baby wipe showers and porta-johns.  Once again, I saw that there were a number of parents my age, there with their teenagers, enjoying the few artists from our youth.  By day three, we all looked pretty rough.  Once again there were many bands, but only a few that I knew.  This time in chatting with various people my age, I asked them if they would like a music festival with all of the bands from our time period and what other characteristics they would want for "our" festival.  

It was evident that we all wanted an opportunity to relive our teenage and college years.  We have all worked hard during our lifetimes, and we want an opportunity to attend a festival set in a beautiful venue with nice grass, delicious food, and our drinks--including jello shots! 

Fortunately, I was able to put together a group of my friends/colleagues who have the talent, knowledge, contacts and desire to help me make my dream for you, my peers, a reality.  

This festival will allow our generation, along with the younger generations, to enjoy our best of times! I can see us sitting on our chairs soaking in the sun with green grass under our feet, singing to the music, while others dance.  Sipping on our drinks...laughing with our friends, family, and teenage kids.  Living like we did when we were young, free, and happy. Please come and travel down this musical path with us.  

Oh, and that youngest daughter, she actually loves the idea of our festival and named it:  aTrolla...

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